Hi! I'm Bill. Hi! I'm Kenny.
In a UNIQUE and STUNNING development, on April 1 Bill and Kenny have once again been chosen by their sponsor, Gatetrails.com, to represent the company team in the 2004...

Tour de France
F R E E D O M ! ! !

HERE... check our training circuits to prepare us for June!!

San Francisco, Marin Headlands, Tiburon Peninsula
Mount Tamalpais, Pine Mountain, Point Reyes, China Camp, Midpeninsula
East Bay, Henry Coe, Wine Country, Santa Cruz
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The Pros seemed dumbfounded by the news! So WHAT could they POSSIBLY have to say??

Lance Armstrong: "Hey, no one tell Bill and Kenny about the hot dogs and beer at the end of the race. I think that is the main reason they are coming and last time they ate more than their fair share."

Iban Mayo: "There was zees one time zey rode right into de middle of zee pack. Bill asked: 'Did you heer about zee statisticien who drowned in ze river?' and nobody did!! So Kenny said: 'Yeah, it had an average depth of TWO FEET!!!' We all laughed and laughed so hard dey rode ahead! Dose silly Americans... zey are so CRAZEEE!!!!"

Tyler Hamilton: "Sure, it's all fun and games, you know, 'hey, pull my finger,' and intentionally bumping other people's back tire-- but when one person veers too much, then it's like dominos, everybody flying everywhere, and then it just isn't funny anymore. Besides, Bill is kinda heavy when he lands on you!"

Jan Ullrich: "Ya, listen, da High Court of France has placed a restraining order against da miscreants Bill und Kenny. Basically, it is unlawful for them to be in France during the course of da event. If anybody sees them, pleese call deportation authorities und, uh, heh heh, dey'll 'take care' of der matter right away!!"

How lucky can we possibly be, to have our lifelong dream realized for the second straight year in a row!?!
Everyone wish us the best in June!

And in other world news...

Photo Exhibit #34: Passing winter, skipping spring, and going right to summer on Montevina Road.
Photo Exhibit #35: Did you know cows are good for the environment? This and more surprises at Pleasanton Ridge.

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